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Hunts For Corporate Events

Huntzz is designed to work smoothly and look great on tablets as well as smartphones, allowing both the general public and corporate event companies to make use of it for team events. It's possible to create and share hunts without cost, but we offer paid-extras, such as thumbnails, easier sharing, and bespoke maps. The app is free so it's easy to test out, but if you are looking to hold one or more events with specific needs feel free to get in touch with us.

Current Features

  1. Built in maps allow for hunts anywhere in the world.
  2. Create a hunt of any duration with any number of clues.
  3. Load devices with hunts or send them to users remotely.
  4. Turn off restarts and block reveals to stop people cheating!
  5. Virtual coins collected during hunts reveals the winners.

Features Coming Soon

  1. Real-time mulitplayer hunting and monitoring.
  2. Time sensitive clues and/or hunts.
  3. Improved overall game design
  4. Improved social sharing, integrating with Twitter & Pinterest.
  5. Our 'Magic Compass' will bring a touch of magic to outdoor hunts!