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Create a Treasure Hunt

The free creation tool is perhaps the coolest thing about Huntzz. It allows anyone anywhere to easily create a scavenger hunt. You can share them with anyone with an iPhone/iPad or Android device. You can also submit them to us. There is a step-by-step guide on creating a hunt here. This takes iPhone as its example but Android is basically the same.

You can also open up a flash-powered version below.

Sharing Your Hunt

You can share your hunts with anyone with an iOS or Android device. Simply click "Share" (Android) or "Share With Friends" (iOS). This will generate an email that contains your hunt as encrypted data and instructions for 'importing' it onto their device.

Submitting A Hunt

Huntzz accepts hunt submissions from the public to include in the app. It can be anywhere in the world as long as members of the public can play it. It can be free or a paid hunt. We share the revenue on paid hunts.

If you have an idea for a hunt - such as your town or city - why not drop us an email to see if we agree it would be a good hunt to include? Some musts:

  1. A hunt must be publicly accessible.
  2. A hunt must have 10, 15 or 20 clues.
  3. Each chest must have a cryptic clue, cryptic clue hint and simple clue.
  4. Each chest must have an interesting scroll (guide entry) of 50-100 words.
  5. Each chest must have a pin on the map and a location title.
  6. Clues should only be answerable if the hunter is at the location!
  7. Clues should reference permanent objects, such as statues, that are unlikely to change.
  8. Please include all reasonable answers in the "answers" field.
  9. The cryptic and simple clues should have the same answer!