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Huntzz For Your Attraction

Wallace Collection

Huntzz is designed to be small enough to install on site, meaning you can market it to visitors before and when they arrive. Join our many partners, from galleries and historic houses to parks and town councils, by creating an engaging treasure hunt and tour guide for your location. There are many advantages to using Huntzz!

Key Benefits

  1. Offers the opportunity for additional revenue.
  2. Provides a more interactive visitor experience.
  3. Visitors promote your hunt via social media.
  4. Provides a great educational tool for students.
  5. Gives you a presence in App Store & Google Play.
  6. Opportunity to collect data such as emails.
  7. Guide visitors to certain exhibits or retail.
  8. Provides more information on exhibits/sites.
  9. Instantly updatable so they stay up to date!
  10. Users see your hunt when playing nearby hunts.
  11. Can be used for corporate events at location.
  12. A dedicated page on our website with links.

No Visitor Need Miss Out

You can also load devices (such as an Android tablet) with your hunt/s and hire these out to visitors who do not own an iOS or Android device.

Bespoke Branded Versions

We can also create a bespoke treasure hunt app for your location/brand.

New Features

We are in constant discussion with our partners about what features they would like us to add. Here are just a few that are coming soon:

  1. The ability to view related images on demand.
  2. Improved social sharing, integrating with Twitter & Pinterest.
  3. Increase in coins available with chests holding unknown amount.
  4. Flexible use of coins to kit out a treasure hunting avatar.