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Following A Hunt

Playing our treasure (scavenger) hunts is child's play! The Index Screen lists the hunts, including those created or imported by you. The nearest is at the top. Click on any hunt to read more about it.


Index Screen


Hunt Blurb


Chest Location

The first screen of a hunt shows the location of the first treasure chest. Go to the chest’s location and click 'Read Clue' or the 'chest' tab to read the clue. Your hunt is on!

Difficulty Setting

When you start a hunt you are asked to choose between cryptic and simple clues. You can switch between them at any time on the 'settings' screen.

Hints & Coins

If you are struggling on a cryptic clue you can request a hint. But this will lose some of the coins in the chest. You can reveal the answer by clicking on the axe but by smashing open the chest with the axe you destroy all the coins inside!


Every chest contains a scroll with a guide entry, which you can read after you unlock or smash open the chest. As the Guild of Adventurers' famous motto says, The Explorer Earns Wisdom.


As you gain coins and wisdom you go up levels and are handed items of kit by the Guild of Adventurers. Will you be the first Grand Master Treasure Hunter?